Acts Chapter 16
Click on the image below to watch the video (about 10 minutes). It contains an introduction, followed by the chapter read aloud from the ESV, then the questions. The questions are repeated below as well. Once you have finished, please share your thoughts with the wider HRCC community at HRCCActsStudy
Question & things to think about from chapter 16
1)  Paul comes to Lystra and finds a young man, Timothy, whose father is a Greek but whose mother was Judean. Wanting to take him along on their travels, he has him circumcised. Given the recent controversy, why would he do this?

2)   Moving on, they find themselves twice blocked from following the path they wanted to by God. Then Paul has a vision, directing them to Macedonia. At this point there is a significant change in the account: It ceases to be “they did this or that” and becomes “we did…”. Why the change? What might that tell us about the authorship of the book? Can we say for certain?

3)   In Philippi in Macedonia, they go to the riverside on the Sabbath. Why go there and not to a synagogue? What might this tell us about the kind of place they were and is this significant?
4)   They stay with a new convert, Lydia, spreading the word. For days they are followed by a young woman who is possessed and cries out continually that they are servants of God. Why does this annoy Paul?
5)   After Paul frees the young woman from her possession, her owners are angry because she made them a lot of money. They take Paul and Silas to court, win, and the apostles are beaten and thrown in jail.

Once again, God intervenes and sets them free. What happens then? Why do you think they had not left the jail immediately?
6)   The next morning they are to be set free but they complain about their treatment instead. The magistrates are worried and apologise, asking them to leave the city, which they do. Why were the magistrates so scared? Does the fact that there seems to have only been a very small Judean presence in the city have any bearing here?