Acts Chapter 19
Click on the image below to watch the video (about 10 minutes). It contains an introduction, followed by the chapter read aloud from the ESV, then the questions. The questions are repeated below as well. Once you have finished, please share your thoughts with the wider HRCC community at HRCCActsStudy
Question & things to think about from chapter 19
1)   Paul comes to Ephesus and finds about a dozen men who, while disciples in one way, know nothing of the Spirit. How did they come to be like that? These men are more like disciples of John the baptiser than Christians, yet Paul treats them as brothers. What does that say about the nature of the church at this point in time? 

2)   When some opposition arises, Paul moves from the synagogue to the “hall of Tyrannus”. We do not know where or what this hall was, and there have been several different theories put forward. Wherever it was, it was clearly a safe place for Paul to teach because he continues there for two years, until “all the residents of Asia” had heard. Asia, as we use it, covers all the land out through China, but is this what is meant here?
3) Miracles are happening, including healings brought on by bits of cloth that have simple touched Paul. What do you think of this? Did Paul know, and did he approve of this, especially as it seems to make him special?
4)   The sons of an important Jewish Priest, Sceva, try to “cash in” on this healing work, using the names of Jesus and Paul in exorcisms as if they are magical names (quite a common practice). However, they do not meet with the success they anticipate. Why does the writer include this story just here and what is he trying to show?

5)   Seemingly as a result of the sons of Sceva incident, many of the new believers confess their old magical practices and publicly burn their spell books. To whom, do you think, did these believers “come and confess”? Does this add anything to our understanding of the culture in Ephesus?
6)   Soon after, Demetrius, a silversmith, tries to stir up trouble. What does he fear is going to happen?  
Who was Artemis, and what was the stone that fell from the sky? 
How does the trouble get resolved?