Acts Chapter 28
Click on the image below to watch the video (about 8 minutes). It contains an introduction, followed by the chapter read aloud from the ESV, then the questions. The questions are repeated below as well. Once you have finished, please share your thoughts with the wider HRCC community at HRCCActsStudy
Question & things to think about from chapter 28
1)   After the shipwreck, they discover that they are on Malta. Here they are received warmly and the locals light a fire to warm and dry them. Paul is bitten by a snake as he gathers wood. What is the reaction of the others? Why do they assume this, and what happens when Paul suffers no ill effects?  

2)   Paul heals the father of the local official Publius, who is the last person to be named in the book, and then many others are healed. The effect of this is that, when they leave, the locals give them all they need (to replace what was lost in the shipwreck). However, despite Maltese tradition, there is no indication that they left any converts here. What do you think?
3)   After the winter has passed, they continue on towards Rome. How is Paul received? Does he get locked up, or is he free? Why might this be?
4)   The local Judean community listens to Paul and is split by his testimony. How does Paul react? Is there a reason that the author includes this as the last actual speech of Paul?

5)   The book ends very abruptly, or so it seems, and we are left hanging: Paul was in Rome because he had appealed to Caesar, so what happened? Did he get his trial? Was he acquitted or condemned? What happened then?

Why do you think the book ends like this? Is it a fitting end?