Acts Chapter 5
Click on the image below to watch the video (about 9.5 minutes). It contains an introduction, followed by the chapter read aloud from the ESV, then the questions. The questions are repeated below as well. Once you have finished, please share your thoughts with the wider HRCC community at HRCCActsStudy
Question & things to think about from chapter 5
1)   What, exactly, is the sin of Ananias and Sapphira? Why did they do it? Have you ever felt a similar temptation?
2)   Read verses 12-13. Who was in Solomon’s Portico? Who were the ones who feared to join them? Why?
3)   The authorities arrest the apostles and put them in prison. What was the reason? Go beyond the simple “jealousy” and explore what they were jealous of.
4)   Peter gives a similar response to the charge to not teach, but this time adds a lot more, including accusing the council directly of being responsible for Jesus’ death. What might be the reason for his increasing boldness?
5)   Read Gamaliel’s argument. Who was he? If you want, try to find out more about him (note: he is not the Gamaliel mentioned in Numbers!). Notice his affiliation, how might this affect how he might be received by the council?

6) “They left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonour for the name.” Do you think you would rejoice if you were dishonoured, or do you seek approval and commendation? Why do they rejoice in dishonour?