Acts Chapter 6
Click on the image below to watch the video (about 5 minutes). It contains an introduction, followed by the chapter read aloud from the ESV, then the questions. The questions are repeated below as well. Once you have finished, please share your thoughts with the wider HRCC community at HRCCActsStudy
Question & things to think about from chapter 6
1)   Who were the Hellenists? What is the problem that causes their complaint?
2)   The apostles say that they should not stop preaching to wait on tables. How do you reconcile this attitude with that of Jesus, who not only served at the table, but even washed the disciple’s feet? Are there reasons why the apostle’s attitude is OK here?
3)   Of the seven men chosen as deacons, we only hear of two of them again. Who are they and what do we know of them?
4)   Who are the opponents who cause Stephen to be arrested? What can you find out about them?
Do the charges against Stephen sound familiar to you? Where have you heard them before? How might Stephen have felt, being charged in this way?