Role title: Pioneer Community Worker 
Location: Houghton Regis North 2 Development  
Responsible to: The Houghton Regis Community Development Charity (HRCDC) 

The vision of the Churches serving Houghton Regis is that working together, they should be key partners in developing HRN2 as a vibrant, thriving and inclusive community. 

This position has been created with the support and through the collaboration of Churches Together in Houghton Regis, the South Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit, the Diocese of St Albans and the Central Baptist Association all of whom are represented on the HRCDC. 

HRCDC is a Christian organisation and this role has been established as part of its Christian outreach to the community. Accordingly, this role gives rise to an occupational requirement for the role-holder to be Christian. Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate a clear, personal commitment to the Christian faith. 

Role Purpose 
  • To be a welcoming presence for the new housing area of HRN2 / Bidwell West that facilitates the building of community for all residents, service providers and developers.  
  • To develop the vision of an open and inclusive Christian presence in the new development.  
  • The worker is there in the name of the church, but with the task of building community in a new housing area. The creation of a Christian community is a complementary task and it is imagined that an emerging church will increasingly share in the worker’s role.  
Specific responsibilities 
In the community 
  •  To act as a supportive presence to the contractors and all who are working on the site and through building good relationships to liaise between them and new residents as necessary. 
  • To develop an open and inclusive Christian presence welcoming people of all faiths and none as they move in. 
  • To provide new residents with a helpful information pack as they arrive. 
  • To promote opportunities for residents to meet, build relationships and develop capacity for mutual support. 
  • To facilitate residents’ aspirations for their community through the setting up of new groups and initiatives. 
  • To work to establish an effective resident's group with a positive culture. 
  • To collaborate with HRCDC to shape the proposed community centre so that it is relevant, appropriate and owned locally. 
  • It is envisaged that the worker will reside within the development. It is still too early to determine precisely how this will be achieved. 
With local stakeholders 
  • To relate to stake holders such as Houghton Regis Town Council and Central Bedfordshire Council as required, fostering a network of interested agencies and participating in future governance arrangements. 
  • To contribute as required to the thinking about future community facilities and structures. 
  • To liaise with other service providers to ensure joined-up thinking and holistic provision in the growing community for example in relation to travel by public transport in the area. 
  • To network so as to learn from the experience and best practice of other new housing areas as to the factors in creating good communities. 
With churches
  • To network with churches and faith communities in the surrounding area to build understanding, confidence and support in the project, and offer relevant information to people moving in.  
  • To identify those of active Christian faith and facilitate their potential involvement in a missional community in HRN2 / Bidwell West. 
  • To work with the sponsoring churches to discern the appropriate expression of the church’s mission on HRN2 /Bidwell West as the community expands.  
  • To encourage expressions of church that are appropriate to the stage of development of the area.  
  • Ensure safe working practices and comply with all developers Health and Safety guidance  
  • Manage the available budget and report and claim expenditure promptly 
  • Maintain data with due regard to the Data protection act 
  • Report as required to HRCDC as required. 
  • Comply with agreed safeguarding procedures 
  • Meet regularly with a support group for reflection and prayer 
  • Appraise and reflect critically on the project’s development and report to HRCDC and the Development Team as is necessary 
  • Communicate with stakeholders and residents to identify needs  
  • Set up and manage stakeholder expectations 
  • Use social media to reinforce and communicate the message 
  • Hold regular status meetings with project team and stakeholders; 
  • Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion; 

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