Church Partnership

 Background information  

There is a varied group of churches and organisations who are supporting this appointment in different ways. 

Churches Together In Houghton Regis 

St Vincent’s is the Catholic Church in Hammersmith Gardens in Houghton Regis. They are attached to St Vincent’s Primary School and have a lot of additional community engagement through their social club.

All Saints is the historic Parish Church, standing at the heart of the old village, and from an Anglo-Catholic tradition. They are also co-located with a Church of England Primary School, Thomas Whitehead. 

Both churches have been supportive of this initiative but haven’t been more closely involved at this stage. They are also both part of our local Churches Together in Houghton Regis group. 

The other two local Churches are: 

Houghton Regis Community Church is an independent evangelical church in the charismatic tradition. A core part of their mission is to maintain a Christian presence through Jewels, an art, craft and coffee shop in the village centre. They are members of the River Network of Churches and the Evangelical Alliance. 

Houghton Regis Baptist Church is based in Hammersmith Gardens Houghton Regis. They trace their roots back to a dissenting chapel in Thorn in the mid eighteenth century and have long held a vision for the development of a Christian presence in this area when new houses were built. There is a diverse congregation which links to evangelical and pentecostal traditions. The Church has longstanding engagement with community activities through its charity ‘The Community Link Project’. 

Both these churches are directly involved financially and have members who are trustees of the Community Development Charity that will manage this post. 

The South Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit was historically present in Houghton Regis. Being involved in this initiative will be a way of renewing that presence. A significant partner they will provide administration as well as financial support to this post and will have a member as a trustee of The Community Development Charity 

The Central Baptist Association is a regional body incorporating 150 Baptist Churches through Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Northamptonshire. It is supporting this initiative both financially and by having a member of staff as a trustee of The Community Development Charity. 

The Diocese of St Albans has also been involved since the projects inception and until retirement at the end of 2018 the Venerable Paul Hughes, Archdeacon of Bedford, was a director and chair of The Community Development Company, Houghton Regis (the forerunner of the current charity) 

The Houghton Regis Community Development Charity has been established as an effective way of overseeing the vision and direction of this initiative, which includes not only the appointment of a pioneer into the Houghton Regis North (2) Development but long-term aspirations for the development of a community hub in the local centre that is to be built.