New Testament Greek (Koine) Interest Survey

I am looking to start some study groups in the new year to really get into studying the New Testament as it was written (rather than relying on translations).

For me, the most useful group would be one where the members were already beyond the basics, where we could focus on the text and the exegesis, rather than spending a lot of time parsing, but I am very willing to help a group who are just beginning (or who studied at some time in the past and want to bring their Greek back to life).

If a group like one (or both) of these sounds like it may be of interest to you, please take the survey below. I hope, given interest, to be able to start a group or two early in the new year.

Greek Class Survey
Interest survey on possible NT Greek classes and study groups.

Would you consider your level of Koine Greek to be:*

Question 2: What days/times might work for you (please select as many as might work)?*

Question 3: How often would you like to meet?*

Question 4: Please leave your name.*

Question 5: Please leave your email address so that I can contact you with the results and, hopefully, news of the group/groups.*