Who Am I?

A lot of people, perhaps not all, wrestle with this question. Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my destiny? Often the answer is “found” in what a person does: I am an accountant/miner/programmer etc. In the church, we often find the answer is a similar way: I am a pastor/teacher/prophet/healer etc. The … Read more

Second Temptation

A Poem by David Gibbons I wrote this back in 2007 when I was meditating on the temptations that Jesus went through after his baptism. I’m posting this now for Easter, which may seem strange, but read on… Note: For those who do not recognise the word, the shofar is the ram’s horn “trumpet” that … Read more

Child Protection Policy, revised February 2021

Safeguarding children is the responsibility of everyone. CONTACT DETAILS FOR DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING OFFICERS ARE: Lead: Rachel Honeyford, 07862 702584, 01582 511102 Deputies: Jacquie Youngman, 07443468659 Helen Matthews 07956 438171 31-8 HELPLINE FOR ADVICE on child protection or related issues 0845 120 4550 or 03030031111 Central Beds Social Services 0300 300 8301 Police station: Emergency 999 … Read more

Coronavirus Update

HRCC Physical Meetings on hold Following the government advice to avoid all non-essential contact in order to protect our most vulnerable – all physical HRCC meetings are now on hold.We do meet online each Sunday morning at 10:30 using Zoom. To join us, the link is: HRCC Online Sunday Meeting. Please stay in contact with each other … Read more